Connecting a little of Osage and Cole counties to the Internet.

Wireless High Speed Internet Services & Web Hosting

Provided by:

Mid MO Micro Computers
1298 County Road 412
Bonnots Mill, MO  65016

(573) 619-0326

Email Addresses:
- General Questions & Quotes - Brian M. Stegeman - Owner

Mid MO Micro Computers is happy to provide the local neighborhood a locally-owned alternative to High-Speed Internet access.  Utilizing wireless technology, as well as commercial grade service monitored 24/7 by AT&T... we are offering inital connections speeds up to 3MBps (subject to change).   Offering mostly line-of-site connections as well as some near-line-of -site links.   Pricing is as follows:

Setup - Actual costs incurred in establishing a usable, stable connection.  Customer retains ownership of any itemized, purchased equipment(ie..internal wireless router).  External radio equipment remains property of Mid MO Micro Computers and may be switched or modified at any time.  Installation charges consist of cable and physical mounting hardware that is needed.

Monthly Recurring Fees:

Basic rate of $39.95/month for residential/farm users.   Rates may be adjusted individually because of the use of more expensive hardware in order to connect difficult to reach locations.

New for 2012... Effective 1/1/2012 we are now accepting automatic payments via Visa, Mastercard and Discover  

* No long term contracts or commitments - service is shared, so performance subject to congestion during peak usage hours.

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