Current Wireless Internet Service Plans

Basic - $30/month - 1.5Mbps
Regular - $40/month - 3Mbps
Plus - $60/month - 5Mbps
Ultra - $75/month - 7Mbps

New Rates - Faster Service is here! 

Basic - $30/month - 3Mbps
Regular - $40/month - 4Mbps
Mid-Range - $50/month - 6Mbps
Plus - $60 - 8Mbps
Ultra - $65 - 10Mbps (5G - Basic)
5G - Plus - $85 - 20Mbps
5G - Ultra - $100 - 30Mbps

(Faster speeds available, depending on location.)

Additional Plans available in some areas, depending on wireless technology in use in your area. 5Ghz service offers the best and fastest speeds.   2.4Ghz service has some limits, 900Mhz is the most restrictive in terms of bandwidth available.   Inquire about services available in your area or options for upgrades.  All services are symmetrical, same speed download and upload for better support of todays cloud-based technologies.   Limited fiber optic connectivity at this time, expansion is being studied.

Areas served are located in the Loose Creek, Bonnots Mill area.

Contact Brian at or via text/cell at 573-619-0326 for new service inquiries.